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Attaching the Unit

Carbon Rubber Pads: Fix to the leg strap using the press studs. Carbon rubber pads can we wiped clean with warm water after each use.

Conductive Gel: Apply a small amount to the carbon rubber pads. The conductive gel complies with all equine and veterinarian regulations. The gel ensures a good electrical connection with the skin and is Propylene Glycol free.

Please Note: Do not use any other gel in conjunction with the ArcEquine. Even some medical grade conductive gels can contain propylene glycol, which is a component ingredient of anti-freeze and may react with the skin.

Leg Strap: Attach the leg strap with the delivery unit to the outside of the cannon bone. Rotate the strap between healthy legs each day. The carbon rubber pads are very sensitive and no significant pressure is required to maintain connectivity. After putting the delivery unit into the leg straps elasticated bands, please ensure that the electrical lead in the leg strap is inserted into the bottom of the delivery unit. Do not over tighten and protect with a soft bandage.

Never strap to an injured leg and rotate around healthy legs daily.