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Case Studies


Injury: Arthritis

Horse's Age: 9 Years Old
Breed: Irish Sport

´My 9 year old irish sport was diagnosed with arthritis of the hip and stifle joints.

I was told that there was no treatment, but I could try steroid injection...

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Injury: Arthritis in a previously injured leg

Horse's Age: Unknown
Breed: Unknown

´I am an amateur eventer in the UK. My main competition horse, Fernhill Sirocco (Rocco) suffered a serious stifle injury in spring 2014, requiring surgery to remove the torn meniscus...

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Injury: Bone fragments in stifle joint, partially torn cruciate ligament and locked stifle joint

Horse's Age: Not known
Breed: Not known

´Millie went suddenly lame when ridden on the flat in the arena on a good surface. Initially it was thought she had a potential sacroiliac issue for which she was...

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Injury: Bone fragments in the stifle joint and a partially torn cruciate ligament

Horse's Age: Unknown
Breed: Unknown

´My mare went suddenly lame late August 2012 when being ridden on the flat in the arena on a good surface. Veterinary inspection initially pointed to a potential sacroiliac issue...

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Injury: Grade 3/4 lesion in right deep digital flexor tendon

Horse's Age: 7 years old
Breed: QH Gelding

´Some brief history - my horse is one of the top national Western Pleasure horses in the country, he has won all he can win! I purchased him in 2012...

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