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Case Studies


Injury: DDFT & Mild Navicular

Horse's Age: 12
Breed: WBXTB

Biddy is a 12 year old WB x TB who is rather difficult at times, particularly when off work. She went lame in November, when the vet came she felt she...

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Injury: DDFT, SFT & Navicula

Horse's Age: 12
Breed: Unknown

It is actually very emotional writing this case study because a year ago I didn´t think I´d ever ride my boy again and today we had a lovely lesson in the...

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First Time Riding

Injury: Undiagnosed Lameness

Horse's Age: 5 years old
Breed: KWPN

´In July 2014 my horse Duncan, a 5 year old (at that time) KWPN talented jumper, suddenly started to refuse to move forward. We tried everything to find out what...

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