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Case Studies


Injury: Bring down windgalls

Horse's Age: 18 year olds
Breed: Unknown

´I think I´ve gained 30% more performance from my wonderful horse since she´s been using the ArcEquine system. I initially was using the ArcEquine to help heal a small strain...

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Injury: Undiagnosed, potentially OCD in all joints

Horse's Age: 2 Years Old
Breed: Warmblood

´My horse is a very well bred, young horse with a strange problem. He has huge windgalls on his fetlocks, particularly behind. He also has large bursal enlargements to the...

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Injury: Windgalls and Swollen Knee

Horse's Age:

I had been recommended ArcEquine by so many friends who had experienced amazing results with really serious injuries or syndromes like kissing spines, suspensory desmitis, unresponsive wounds or chronic laminitis and...

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