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Case Studies

Injury: Fractured leg - Accelerated healing

Horse's Age: Unknown
Breed: Unknown

´I found out about the ArcEquine unit after reading an English mag ( I am based in New Zealand ). A little while later my horse fractured her leg, and...

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Injury: Fractured Splint & Accessory Carpal Bone

Horse's Age:

My daughter´s horse had initially fractured her splint after she was kicked, she went in for surgery & when she was in recovery she fractured her Accessory Carpal Bone. The vet...

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Injury: Grade 3/4 lesion in right deep digital flexor tendon

Horse's Age: 7 years old
Breed: QH Gelding

´Some brief history - my horse is one of the top national Western Pleasure horses in the country, he has won all he can win! I purchased him in 2012...

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Injury: Heel bulb torn, damage to digital cushion and lateral cartilage

Horse's Age:
Breed: Holstein Stallion

´Our AES graded Holstein Stallion injured hoof and heel bulb in his stable, he is very playful and rarely still.

As you can see by the photos provided that there...

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Day of injury

Injury: Hind leg wound after getting chased into electric fencing by a stray dog

Horse's Age: Unknonwn
Breed: Unknown

On 31st August 2016 M was chased into electric fencing by a stray dog. He sustained significant injury to his near hind leg. The wound was approximately the size of...

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The Initial wound post clean up