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Case Studies

Injury: Hind suspensory ligaments

Horse's Age: 11 years old
Breed: Irish Draught Thoroughbred

´She had 30% damage to both hind suspensory ligaments and type 2 sagittal ridge OCD lesion to right hind fetlock. Recommended treatment was surgery to clean out the joint and...

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Injury: Hock Arthritis

Horse's Age:

Purchased this product looking at long term well being of horse who was recently diagnosed with hock arthritis. Noticed horse remains supple and elevated in his movements and happier in himself,...

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Injury: Hole in the tendon/bowed tendon

Horse's Age: Unknown
Breed: Unknown

´Monty (General Montgomery) came to me through his owners on permanent loan at the beginning of August 2016, he had been retired from racing having blown a tendon. He had...

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Injury: Horse Hind Leg Wound/Trauma

Horse's Age: 6 Years old

´It was 7am on a beautiful Saturday morning in early July 2013 and walking into our barn, the first horse I saw as always, was Solstice - 16.3hh, very dark...

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Day 5 -The swelling can clearly be seen.

Injury: Horse Tendon - Hole

Horse's Age: Unknown
Breed: 3 *** Eventer

´The horse was scanned in June 2013 where it was discovered there was a black hole in his tendon. In September 2013 a 2nd scan did not show much change...

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