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Case Studies

Injury: PSD and Sacroiliac pain

Horse's Age: 16 years old
Breed: Unknown

´My horse had PSD in both hinds and sacroiliac pain, as well as mild kissing spine (T12-L2). I was told that he was likely to improve but not come completely...

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Injury: PSD in Hind Legs

Horse's Age:

My horse has psd in hind legs after 11 months off and shockwave treatment the vet was happy with her to start re hab however the scans where not perfect and...

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Injury: Ringworm wound/skin complaint

Horse's Age: Unknown
Breed: Unknown

´We bought our horse from Ireland with what we believed was a few spots of ringworm. How wrong can we be! He was left in Ireland for about 4 days...

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Injury: Rotational fall leading to stiffness

Horse's Age: 22 years old

Thought I would give you a wee update on how we are getting in with the ArcEquine. Wammy loves it. Within minutes of having it on he falls asleep and...

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Injury: Ruptured artery and broken splint bone

Horse's Age: 10 years old
Breed: Irish Sports pony

´Joie is a 13.2, 10yr Irish Sport Pony gelding.

On July 10th 2015, in Devon, Joie was turned out with Thorn and another gelding, Ted. On the other side of...

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