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Case Studies

Injury: Sarcoids - Sheath

Horse's Age: 20 years old
Breed: Grand Prix Dressage

´This horse had 3 large sarcoids on his sheath of varying sizes, the largest sarcoid been the size of a fist. The horse had lived with the sarcoids for years...

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12th May

Injury: Sarcoids above eye

Horse's Age: Unknown
Breed: Unknown

´Hamish, our 16.3hh homebred eventer, developed a sarcoid above his right eye a couple of years ago. The sarcoid was growing fairly rapidly. We tried various treatments to begin...

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Injury: SDFT Injury & Manica Flexoria Tear

Horse's Age:

I bought the ArcEquine for a SDFT injury and manica flexoria tear. This is the third tendon injury on the same leg this horse (Sidney) has had, rupturing it by 85%...

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Injury: Severe Injuries to Cuts & Grazes / Maintenance / Travel from Events

Horse's Age:

I love my ARC so much I have recently been enquiring about a second device for my yard. From everything to severe injuries to cuts and grazes through to weekly maintenance...

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Injury: Severe tear to the superficial digital flexor tendon

Horse's Age: 19 years old
Breed: ID x TB

´My 19 year old Id x tb horse damaged his superficial digital flexor tendon of his near foreleg. The recommended treatment and recovery time from the vet was at least...

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