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Injury Sustained: Arthritis

Horse's Age: 9 Years Old
Breed: Irish Sport

´My 9 year old irish sport was diagnosed with arthritis of the hip and stifle joints.

I was told that there was no treatment, but I could try steroid injection to the hip and stifle joints. I didn´t hold out much hope of success in it reducing the arthritis. I discussed trying arc equine and he said give it a try as there was nothing to lose.

We began the arc equine treatment to help with the Arthritis. I also kept him fit and hacked him out everyday, as good muscle tone supports the hip and stifle joints, along with light school work but nothing under 20 mtr circles.

After 6 weeks of using the arc equine there was total improvement in the Arthritis and we are regularly down the beach for fun rides, and he is well up for hunting. We have started pole work jumping in the school again.

I would recommend the ArcEquine to a friend, and in fact I have done many times!´

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