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  • Do not strap your ArcEquine near an injury. It works no matter where the delivery unit is located.
  • Do not apply any other creams or gels to the carbon rubber pads other than the approved ArcEquine conductive gel.
  • ArcEquine is an addition to, and in no way a substitute for your existing veterinary policy
  • Always consult a veterinary expert on equine conditions
  • Like any electrical device, do not use your ArcEquine in wet or damp conditions.
  • Some horses with thin or frail skin may, after prolonged use, develop a sensitivity reaction. This can manifest in a ‘rub’ type condition and even localized hair loss, we recommend that the leg being used is alternated daily.
  • Use ArcEquine only as directed.
  • Do not immerse any part of the unit in water.
  • Use this device only with the leads, electrodes and accessories recommended by the manufacturer. Use of other parts or materials not supplied by the manufacturer will invalidate the warranty.
  • Keep the device away from fireplace or radiant heater as the heat may affect the device.
  • Use of microcurrent therapy may cause some dehydration. Please ensure your animal always has access to fresh, clean water when using the ArcEquine device.