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Key Texts

The publications listed below might be considered some of the most pioneering and informative on the application and effectiveness of Microcurrent Therapy. This being said there are many hundreds of peer-reviewed publications relating to the use of Microcurrent Therapy, which can be accessed through relatively simple searches on Google Scholar, PubMed, ResearchGate and other scientific search engines.

A novel bioelectric device enhances wound healing: An equine case series
Varhus, J.D., 2014.
Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, 34(3), pp.421-430.

Electrical stimulation technologies for wound healing
Kloth, L.C., 2014. 
Advances in wound care, 3(2), pp.81-90.

Harnessing the electric spark of life to cure skin wounds
Martin-Granados, C. and McCaig, C.D., 2014.
Advances in wound care, 3(2), pp.127-138.

The electrical response to injury: molecular mechanisms and wound healing
Reid, B. and Zhao, M., 2014.  
Advances in wound care, 3(2), pp.184-201.

Review of electrotherapy devices for use in veterinary medicine
Schils, s.J., 2009.  
55th Annual Convention of the American Association of Equine Practitioners, Vol. 55, pp.68-73.

Bioelectricity and microcurrent therapy for tissue healing-a narrative review
Poltawski, L. and Watson, T., 2009.  
Physical Therapy Reviews, 14(2), pp.104-114.

How Microcurrent Stimulation Produces ATP - One Mechanism
Bailey, S., 1999.
Dynamic Chiropractic, 17(18), p.6.

Please Contact Us if you believe we have missed out a particularly fundemental publication and we will do our best to get it added to the list.