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Leisure Riding

Most horses are kept for leisure purposes, which include hacking, training clinics and low-level competitions across all of the main disciplines.

These horses represent many different breeds and types and Mother Nature has not given all of them the best conformation or athletic ability. Their management can be compromised by inexperienced owners or sometimes neglect and they are of very varied ages.

This means that as a group, leisure horses suffer from a very wide range of injuries and conditions. Some are a consequence of ‘wear and tear', others result from conformational defects, a number are due to neglect and inexperienced management is the underlying cause of perhaps a surprising number of problems.

The majority of horse owners, however, are knowledgeable and actively seeking to enhance the health and wellbeing of the horses they care for. An ArcEquine unit has the potential to deliver a number of different health and wellbeing benefits, which will be as individual as the horses and their owners.

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The unique microcurrents delivered by an ArcEquine will effectively promote accelerated healing in all types of tissue, so supporting faster recovery from injuries and other accidents, wherever they are on the horse's body. Daily use during the acute period after injury will also reduce pain and inflammation, ensuring the horse is more comfortable and less stressed as healing takes place.

ArcEquine's technology will also help to prevent injuries, by supporting recovery from all the micro-tears that occur in the horse's body as a physiological consequence of his daily workload. These unseen tiny areas of damage in different types of tissue are entirely normal and the way in which the body regenerates, becoming stronger and fitter in response to exercise.

As more horse owners strive to offer their horses the best management and care possible, it's easy to see why the addition of an ArcEquine to their regular routine will add positively to the quality of life their horse enjoys. Every horse should have one.